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Category Until 11/09/2017 Until 10/10/2017  After 11/10/2017
 Student  SBC fellow R$ 95,00 R$ 115,00 R$ 150,00
 No affiliation to SBC (registration and SBC fellowship) R$ 114,00 R$ 134,00 R$ 169,00
 No affiliation to SBC R$ 124,00 R$ 146,00 R$ 184,00
Graduate Student SBC fellow R$ 105,00 R$ 125,00 R$ 160,00
No affiliation to SBC (registration and SBC fellowship) R$ 180,00 R$ 200,00 R$ 235,00
No affiliation to SBC R$ 191,00 R$ 215,00 R$ 252,00
 Professional SBC fellow R$ 305,00 R$ 360,00 R$ 430,00
No affiliation to SBC (registration and SBC fellowship) R$ 500,00 R$ 555,00 R$ 625,00
No affiliation to SBC R$ 531,00 R$ 591,00 R$ 668,00

Registration in SBSeg 2017, in any of its categories, will allow participation in the technical sessions, lectures, tutorials, panels, minicourses and workshops. Participants are also entitled to printed materials of the event, coffe-breaks and opening cocktail. Despite being included in the cost of registration, we kindly request participants to state during the registration which minicourses and workshop you will attend. Some of the activities have limited spaces.

Author registration policy

For each minicourse and accepted work for main track publication in  SBSeg, CTDSeg, WGID, WFC and WRAC+, it will be necessary that one of the authors register as a PROFESSIONAL in the event. For each work or poster accepted for publication in WTICG, it is necessary that at least one of the authors is registered as a STUDENT.

Confraternization dinner

It will be held on Wednesday, November 08. Soon the site link will be announced.

  • Until 10/10/2017 – R$ 180.00
  • After 11/10/2017 – R$ 200.00

Forms of payment

Payment for registration can be done via bank slip, credit card, debit account of Banco do Brasil (BB), billing or commitement note. Case payment is to be done via commitement note, do the SBC registration normally (link at the beginning of this page), choose “commitment note” as the form of payment and send the commitement note with the total value to para It is possible to send a single commitment note for several registrations.

Bulk registration

For every ten registered students, the eleventh’s student registration is free. Students must fill out the on-line registration (link at the beginning of this page), confirm and pay the registration form. Registrars whom are excempted from paying must also fill out the registration form, however they can ignore the bank slip (or other chosen form of payment). Once ten, twenty, or more students have been registered, their coordinator must send by e-mail ( the following information:

  • the list of students which are part of the bulk group and the amount payed for their respective registrations;
  • the name of the students excempted from payment.

In case there are any doubts or you need any other information, send an e-mail to with the subject CARAVANA.

Cancellation policy

The final date for request for reimbursement is 31/10/2017. After this date no refund shall be made. Reimbursements are 80% of the fee payed, the remaining 20% are used to cover administrative costs associated to registration cancellation. To ask for cancellation, send an e-mail to